Parking at Circle Centre Mall

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Circle Centre mall in downtown Indianapolis has three parking garages. You can access them on Washington Street, Maryland Street, Georgia Street, and Illinois Street. The garages now accept major credit cards. Here are the garage rates for regular days when there is no major event downtown:

Note: These rates do not apply during Super Bowl activities. The garages are charging a flat $20 event rate for up to eight hours and $40 for more than eight hours. Check out our Super Bowl parking coverage for more information.

Enter before 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday:
0 - 3 hours $1.50
3 - 4 hours $4.00
4 - 5 hours $8.00
5 - 6 hours $12.00
6 -12 hours $15.00
12 - 24 hours $20.00

Enter after 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday, and all day Saturday and Sunday:
0 - 3 hours $1.50
3 - 5 hours $3.00
5 - 6 hours $6.00
6 - 8 hours $8.00
8 - 12 hours $14.00
12-24 hours $20.00

During Colts game days or big downtown events, the garage may charge a $20 event rate. Drivers will be notified by signage at the garage entry and can get normal parking rates by showing a $20 receipt from any Circle Centre merchant.


philobunch said...

where can I find a map that shows pedestrian entrances to the Moon Garage that are available after stores lock their doors? A map showing the level by level layout of parking would be nice as well.

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This obviously hasn't been updated in quite a while. The rates are much higher now. And there is no longer any difference between weekdays and evenings/weekends.