New Indianapolis Airport Has More Than 17,000 Parking Spaces

The new Indianapolis International Airport, which opens today, has more than 17,000 parking spaces, and that doesn't even include all of the privately held options nearby. The old airport had space for only about 11,000 cars.

If you plan to leave your car at the new terminal, there are now 17,000 spaces to choose from. The five-story parking garage is the closest parking area to the terminal and has room for 5,900 cars. It costs $16 a day to park there.

Long-term parking, which is right behind the parking garage, has spaces for more than 4,000 vehicles. Those spots cost $11 a day. Once you park, you can hop on a shuttle to the terminal. Back even further is the economy lot. There are 8,000 spaces there at $7 a day.

It's a big improvement over the old airport terminal, which had a total parking capacity of 10,915 vehicles. (1,800 spaces in the parking lot, 450 spaces in the surface lot, 6,665 spaces in the remote lots and 1,450 in business class and 550 parking spaces in Corporate Connection.)

If you're just parking for a short time, it costs $2 per half hour in the parking garage. When you arrive, you can stop at one of five ticket islands to check in or you can stop outside for curb-side check in.

Check out the full story from WTHR here.

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